It is three days to go before the Qualification Evaluation Contest!
The preparation is in full swing: the Chairman is making sure that all the participants are kept up to date, the Judges are sharpening their pencils (rather violently), Ballot Counter is polishing her abacus, the Timers are fixing and lubricating their timing device, the Target Speaker is rehearsing their speech daily (and most probably nightly), the Contestants are crossing their fingers (possibly checking their horoscopes), and the Sergeant At Arms is training his arms (no pun intended).
So, do not be shy, do not hesitate! Pay a visit to our meeting and behold a ones in a year event! It is gonna be exiting for the audience and dreadful for the Contestants. By the way, you may experience the dread yourself if come and decide to take part in the Table Topics Session!
See you in the Thursday’s night!

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