On 20 November 2014, there were three speeches:

  1. Ermek Toktogulov’s project 6 from CC manual
  2. Irina Chernyaga’s Speech to Inform
  3. Andrey Kosilov’s project 2 from Professional speaker manual

Both Natalia Zakharova and Alexander Kanunnikov received the Ice Breaker ribbons to commemorate their joining our club!

Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB received “Best Table Topics” ribbon!

The points for the meeting can be found below:

Toastmaster Natalya Lapitskaya, ACB 3.4
General Evaluator Margarita Ryndina, ACS, CL 3.4
Speaker 1 Ermek Toktogulov 3.6
Speaker 2 Irina Chernyaga, CC 3.3
Speaker 3 Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.8
Thought of the Day Alla Oganova, ACB 4.5
Word of the Day Jane Kakzanova 3.8
Joke of the Day Natalya Zakharova 4.0
Evaluator 1 Mikhail Petrov, CC 4.2
Evaluator 2 Denis Schevchuk, ACB, ALB 4.5
Table Topics Inessa Goldovskaya, CC 4.3

The theme of meeting #604 was Time of Troubles, a reference to the origin of Unity Day national holiday celebrated two days earlier.

We stayed true to the theme – indeed, we were in time of troubles!

  • Somehow we forgot the key to our stash, where we keep food reserves for tea break, – the tea break was just a break, no tea! Additionally, there were no feedback forms to fill for speakers, so feedback had to be provided verbally.
  • The third speaker, Valeria Kholodkova, ACB, ALS, tried really hard but the technology let her down and she couldn’t deliver her project.
  • Due to miscommunication between the club officers, there were two Table Topics Masters!

We’ve had two speeches:

  1. Alexander Kanunnikov’s Ice Breaker, “The Two Stories”
  2. Alla Oganova’s touching story, “Sometimes Animals’ Behavior Is More Noble Than Humans’ One”


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The points for the meeting can be found below:

Toastmaster Daniil Maslyuk 4.4
General Evaluator Ilya Nefedov 4.4
Speaker 1 Alexander Kanunnikov 2.4
Speaker 2 Alla Oganova, ACB 4.6
Thought of the Day Ermek Toktogulov 4.0
Word of the Day Nick Sapozhnikov, ACB 3.8
Joke of the Day Valentina Salnikova, CC 4.0
Ah-Counter Olga Lukavenko 4.6
Grammarian Henry Norman, ACB 3.6
Timer Jane Kakzanova 3.0
Evaluator 1 Valeria Kholodkova, ACB, ALS 4.3
Evaluator 2 Natalia Lapitskaya, ATMB 4.4
Table Topics Natalya Zakharova 3.2

Yesterday, during meeting #603, we celebrated HALLOWEEN at Moscow Free Speakers Club!

We’ve had three speeches:

  1. Ilya Nefedov’s project 6 from CC manual
  2. Denis Shevchuk’s Speech to Inform
  3. Natalia Lapitskaya’s project 2 from Storytelling manual

Justin has won a Best Table Topics ribbon!


Valentina Salnikova, CC has won the Best Costume (Little Baba Yaga) award!


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You can find the grades for the meeting below:

Toastmaster Natalia Sherstneva, CC 3.4
General Evaluator Alla Oganova, ACB 3.9
Speaker 1 Ilya Nefedov 3.6
Speaker 2 Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB 4.1
Speaker 3 Natalia Lapitskaya, ACB 3.4
Thought of the Day Alexander Kanunnikov 3.1
Word of the Day Olga Lukavenko 3.0
Joke of the Day Inessa Goldovskaya, CC 3.5
Evaluator 1 Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.4
Evaluator 2 Valeria Kholodkova, ACB, ALS 3.4
Evaluator 3 Mikhail Petrov, CC 3.3
Table Topics Thomas Hulbert 3.4

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got ourselves a new website! It’s still under construction, but we’d love to hear your feedback – email us!

In other news, this week we’ve had a special guest at meeting #602 – Marie Betteley, President of the Canadian NextNiagara Toastmasters club, who then was the General Evaluator!

Marie Betteley, President of NextNiagara Toastmasters

Coincidentally, Mikhail Petrov, our Vice President Education, celebrated his birthday earlier this week – Happy Birthday, Mikhail!

You can find the grades for the meeting below:

Toastmaster Mikhail Petrov, CC 4.1
General Evaluator Marie Betteley, CC, CL 4.2
Speaker 1 Daniil Maslyuk 3.5
Speaker 2 Ilya Nefedov 4.6
Thought of the Day Olga Makarova 4.3
Word of the Day Anna Danilkina 3.8
Joke of the Day Irina Chernyaga 4.1
Evaluator 1 Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB 4.6
Evaluator 2 Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.7
Table Topics Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.4

Finally, we’d like to invite you to our HALLOWEEN party on 30 October 2014! We have speaking slots for spooky tales – you can sign up now!

We are also going to have “Best Costume” competition, and everyone is extremely welcome to make Halloween-themed cookies 🙂

Contact Ilya Nefedov, our Vice President Membership, for more information!