Meeting #621 on 2th July

Hello, everybody!
Here is a short glance on our last meeting.
We welcomed five newcomers: Ilya, Ekaterina, Nika, Karl-Ernst, Leo

The first speaker was Albert Khorev with his first project "Nothing is
Impossible". Congratulations!

You can see his speech on our youtube channel.

The second speech was delivered by Thomas Hulbert.
The project #6 "Three people who inspired me". Thomas has demonstrated
an explicit usage of vocal variety!

His speech you can find also on our channel.

And in conclusion of prepared speeches Andrey Kosilov delivered to us a
story about the power of attitude.

You can feel this power on our channel.

Besides our icebreaker we have another two persons with their debuts
in their roles – Alex Konoplin as Toastmaster and YuriyKochetkov as
Table topic master.

And finally the points of the meeting:

Toastmaster Alex Konoplin 3.8
Speaker 1 Albert Khorev 4.1
Speaker 2 Thomas Hulbert 4.7
Speaker 3 Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.8
Invocation Margarita Ryndina 4.3
Word of the Day Anna Paskannaya 4.3
Joke Master Ruslan Koiv 4.5
General Evaluator Alla Oganova 4.2
Evaluator 1 Ekaterina Mikhaylova 4.2
Evaluator 2 Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB 4.2
Evaluator 3 Larisa Zorina, DTM 4.3
Table Topic Yuriy Kochetkov 3.7
Meeting as a whole   4.3


We welcomed two newcomers at meeting #620: Marina of Channel 1 and Alexey of NetCracker.

Denis Shevchuk, ACS, ALB, was the Toastmaster:

As usual this year, we’ve had four speakers, one of whom was an Ice Breaker!

  1. Irina Shkundina presented her Ice Breaker, “Follow a Dream”
  2. Ilya Nefedov tried his hand at delivering the tenth CC project, “A Step”
  3. Irina Chernyaga, CC, attempted the third project from Storytelling manual, “A Walk”
  4. Nick Sapozhnikov, ACB presented a toast in honor of MFSC’s 25th anniversary, the first project from Special Occasion Speeches manual

Executive committee elections took place; welcome the new club officers!

  • President and Treasurer: Ilya Nefedov
  • VPE: Olga Kovtyukh
  • VPM: Irina Shkundina
  • VPPR: Yury Kochetkov
  • Secretary: Natalya Zakharova
  • With Nick Sapozhnikov remaining our Sergeant-at-Arms 🙂

The points for the meeting can be found below:

Toastmaster Denis Shevchuk, ACS, ALB 4.3
General Evaluator Ermek Toktogulov 3.4
Speaker 1 Irina Shkundina 4.5
Speaker 2 Ilya Nefedov 4.2
Speaker 3 Irina Chernyaga, CC 3.1
Speaker 4 Nick Sapozhnikov, ACB 4.1
Invocation Ann-Mary Belova 4.0
Word of the Day Daniil Maslyuk 3.9
Joke of the Day Irene Shashkova 3.9
Evaluator 1 Catherine Mikhailova 4.7
Evaluator 2 Olga Kovtukh 4.9
Evaluator 3 Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.9
Evaluator 4 Inessa Goldovskaya, ACB 4.4
Table Topics Master Taisia Filippova 4.7
Meeting as a whole Everyone! 4.3

We’ve welcomed seven newcomers at meeting #619, and we’ve had only one speaker yesterday. Irina Chernyaga, CC, presented her fourth project from Storytelling manual, “My first lie”.

A newcomer, Alexey, and our Sergeant-at-Arms, Nick, have both won Best Table Topics!

The points for the meeting can be found below:

Toastmaster Ermek Toktogulov 4.0
General Evaluator Nickolas Ivanov 4.3
Speaker 1 Irina Chernyaga, CC 4.1
Invocation Anna Pashkannaya 4.5
Word of the Day Ann-Mary Belova 4.0
Joke of the Day Jane Kakzanova 3.9
Evaluator 1 Ermek Toktogulov 4.0
Table Topics Master Alla Oganova, ACB 4.7

Same as last time, there’s been only one speaker: Alexander Kanunnikov delivered his third project from Competent Communication manual, titled “Sport”.

Ana-Maria Belova has won Best Table Topics!

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The points for the meeting can be found below:

Toastmaster Ilya Nefedov 4.0
General Evaluator Marina Svirina 3.5
Speaker Alexander Kanunnikov 3.8
Invocation Natalia Zakharova 4.0
Word of the Day Yury Kochetkov 3.8
Joke of the Day Nick Sapozhnikov 4.0
Evaluator Mikhail Petrov 4.2
Table Topics Master Jane Kakzanova 4.0

This year, Moscow Free Speakers Club celebrated its 25th birthday. A quarter of a century!

We welcomed four newcomers at the meeting:

The only speaker was Thomas Hulbert, evaluated by Alla Oganova, ACB. Thomas delivered his fifth project from Competent Communication manual.
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The points for the meeting can be found below:

Toastmaster Valeria Kholodkova, ACB, ALS 4.6
Invocation Inessa Goldovskaya, CC 4.1
Word of the Day Natalia Zakharova 3.5
Joke of the Day Yury Kochetkov 3.7
Speaker Thomas Hubert 4.7
Evaluator Ilya Nefedov 4.1
Table Topics Master Natalia Lapitskaya, ACB 4.0
General Evaluator Alla Oganova, ACB 4.2

Hello to each passionate Toastmaster and to all friends!
In our lives the things are in full swing and again we have something to tell you! Among the regular meetings, conferences and daily challenges of TMs, there is still a lot of energy left to keep on sharing with people something we’re all united by.
Last month Moscow TMs team combined their forces and arranged our very 1st Corporate Toastmasters meeting!
It was warmly hosted by ABBYY – Russian software company, global leader in creating intelligent technologies with core of Data Recognition.
We met with enthusiastic welcome and had a chance to train our Public Speaking skill in the new venue.
This story is about persistent growth of people’s awareness about Toastmasters. Have you ever been so passionate about anything so you weren’t able to keep it just to yourself? 🙂
We’re glad to share with you those moments. Be updated, there is still a plenty of interesting things coming… 😉
Best regards,
Moscow Toastmasters

More pictures on Facebook.

For the first time ever, we’ve had five speakers, and this was not a contest!

  1. Igor Pavlov’s second CC manual project, “The Power of Politeness”
  2. Olga Makarova’s fourth CC manual project, “Contact with foreign countries in a global world”
  3. Irina Chernyaga’s second Storytelling project, “Ioga”
  4. Natalia Lapitskaya’s final (fifth) Entertaining Speaker project, “Lesson wasted”
  5. Alla Oganova’s final (fifth) Storytelling project, “Two female mathematicians”

Alla has won Best Table Topics!

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The points for the meeting can be found below:

Toastmaster Olga Kovtyukh 4.7
General Evaluator Bogdan Mikhailov 4.3
Speaker 1 Igor Pavlov 4.2
Speaker 2 Olga Makarova 4.2
Speaker 3 Irina Chernyaga, CC 3.6
Speaker 4 Natalia Lapitskaya, ATMB 4.3
Speaker 5 Alla Oganova, ACB 4.6
Invocation Natalia Medvedeva 4.1
Word of the Day Nick Sapozhnikov, ACB 3.4
Joke of the Day Margarita Ryndina, ACS, ALB 4.4
Evaluator 1 Ermek Toktogulov 3.7
Evaluator 2 Margarita Ryndina, ACS, ALB 4.5
Evaluator 3 Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.6
Evaluator 4 Henry Norman, ACG 4.7
Evaluator 5 Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB 4.8

Founded on the eve of Perestroika by an American in 1988, the Moscow Free Speakers Club is the oldest Toastmasters Club in Russia and numbers about 75 members. It is English speaking.

So when Daniil Maslyuk, Vice President of Public Relations of this club invited me to be General Evaluator of meeting no. 602 in Moscow, I leaped at the chance. “We definitely would love to experience the Canadian style :-)” he had emailed in perfect English.

Having loved visiting Toastmasters in Paris and New York, Russia was not to be missed.

The meeting was scheduled for 7 pm on October 16th the day of my arrival in Moscow. I wasn’t sure to make it. Luckily I had just spent two weeks in Paris, my birthplace, so jetlag was not a problem and neither was my carry-on luggage. And with two extra hours to my day, (Moscow is two hours behind Paris) I felt the night was young.

But soon it was dark, cold and windy. The rain seemed to fall horizontally as we made our way by taxi to the Famous Gorny Institute of Mining where the Moscow Free Speakers Club gathers bi-weekly. With neither signs nor streetlights, the venue was difficult to find. Eventually, thanks to her flawless Russian, my long time friend Marie Stock found the correct classroom. She and her husband Bob had also agreed to experience Toastmasters in Moscow.

The room was packed. Heads turned. Toastmaster Mikhail Petrov CC greeted us warmly. A great Icebreaker for guests, we were asked to line up in the front, face the audience and speak! No was not an option. Names, occupation and what brought us there. An attentive Grammarian named Natalya Lapitskaya announced she would be listening for sentence structure and correct grammar. This it turned out she did to a tee and was more exacting than most native English speakers. The Table Topics led by Ilya ensued at a humorous clip, followed by two speeches. Given they were delivered in a foreign language (English) and with no notes, these were impressive as were the evaluations.

The meeting was high energy, positive, and well organized. Without exception, members were friendly and welcoming. In addition, Moscow Free Speakers Club has a superb website in flawless and fluid English. A top Toastmasters Experience to be sure, participating in this meeting was a highlight of 2014.

Marie Betteley CC CL President
St Catharines Toastmasters

From District 86 Toastmasters

At meeting #612, we welcomed three newcomers:

Again, we’ve had four speakers!

  1. Kate Mikhailova’s fourth project from CC manual, “Dissection and Action
  2. Alexander Kanunnikov’s second project from CC manual, “The Store Wars, Ep.1
  3. Thomas Hulbert’s fourth project from CC manual, “Going the Extra Mile with Steve
  4. Valeria Kholodkova’s third project from Technical Presentations manual, “Moverio

One of newcomers, Dmitry, has won Best Table Topics!

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The points for the meeting can be found below:

Toastmaster Mikhail Petrov, CC 3.7
General Evaluator Alla Oganova, ACB 4.6
Speaker 1 Alexander Kanunnikov 3.3
Speaker 2 Ekaterina Mikhailova 3.8
Speaker 3 Thomas Hulbert 4.4
Speaker 4 Valeria Kholodkova, ACB, ALS 4.9
Invocation Yuriy Kochetkov 3.7
Word of the Day Julia Lubyanaya 4.2
Joke of the Day Evgenya Kakzanova 4.4
Evaluator 1 Natalia Sherstneva, ACB 4.3
Evaluator 2 Bogdan Mikhailov 4.2
Evaluator 3 Daniil Maslyuk 4.4
Evaluator 4 Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB 4.6
Table Topics Master Helen Dyakonova 4.3