We are thrilled to announce that starting from October 5th the Moscow Free Speakers Club will be meeting in a hybrid online/offline format combining the best of two worlds: a chance to practice public speaking in front of live audience and and meeting Toastmasters from all over the world. For the foreseeable future we’ll be meeting in person in Nekrasov State Library (m. Baumanskaya, Baumanskaya str., 58/25, building 14, room 502). Remember to bring face masks and gloves, it’s required by the library! If want to participate online, you can still join us on zoom.

Dear Toastmasters and guests, due to the current COVID situation we are moving online! For our meetings we will use the Zoom platform. We’ll post the links to the meetings here on our website and in social media. Should you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact our club officers.

Below you can find some information that will help you prepare for the upcoming sessions.

Software and Hardware HOW-TO

  • We chose Zoom as the platform for online conferences.
  • To join the conference, you will need an invitation:
    • Club members and guests will receive it in a mail. It’s also available on our social media.
    • Newcomers can also contact club officers via mail or Facebook for invitation.
  • After receiving the invitation you will be able to join the meeting via
    • Your browser.
    • Zoom application installed on your PC.
    • Zoom application installed on your smartphone.
  • If you never used Zoom before, you can find video HOW-TO here:

Official videos from Zoom can be also helpful.

To participate in the meeting, you might need a speaker or headset. If you are joining from noisy place, it is better to use your headset.

Video is nice to have but not required. However, we encourage everybody to use video:

  • Speakers will be able to practice public speaking skills and get thorough feedback.
  • Speakers will be able to get immediate response form audience.


 Do’s and don’ts of video conferencing

Internet is full of articles about participating in video conferences. This article provide short overview.
General rules are simple:

  • Join the meeting in advance: in case of technical obstacles you will give yourself time to resolve it.
  • Prepare yourself and your space, minimize background noise, use headset if needed.
  • Mute yourself when you are not speaking.
  • Let the Toastmaster know when you want to speak.


Hope, this article will help you prepare for online meeting at Moscow Free Speakers and practice public speaking skills in online space!
In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact club officers.

Dear Toastmasters and Guests!

It may be cold and gloomy outside, but the winter cannot prevent us from improving our communication and public speaking skills – all while having fun! So save the dates for the special events which will take place in the upcoming months:

  1. Jazz party “Overseas Stories” will take place on February 21st.  You’ll be able to participate in a speech competition with your own short overseas story, listen to jazz band “Jazz Idea” and network with fellow toastmasters. The party starts at 19:30 in pub “Anton Palych” (Tsvetnoy blvd, d.26, s.6). Further information is available in the facebook event.  To participate please register here.
  2. Moscow Area Spring conference is scheduled for 13-14 April. The program will be announced soon, but be sure there’ll be contests, international speakers, useful workshops and loads of fun! Follow this link to see details and this link to register!


You need even more opportunities for networking, getting to know your fellow toastmasters better, learning about your subject of interest from someone with firsthand experience or finding a companion for your new adventures? Then Random Coffee Project at Toastmasters is for you. By the way, this project has been introduced by our member Anna Lioznova in our of her speeches – best example of Toastmasters benefiting both the speaker and the community!

The rules are as follows:

  1. You register at the link, providing your contact details and answering some questions about yourself.
  2. Every two weeks you receive an email with the name and contact details of another participant.
  3. You meet your partner within two weeks for an hour – you can have coffee (hence the name of the project), beer, take a walk – anything which allows for an uninterrupted conversation.
  4. You provide feedback to the organizers.
    Repeat 2-4.

You have a chance of meeting new like-minded people, of seeing an unexpected side of people you already know or – who knows? – making friends for life!

UPDATE 29 October: event rescheduled to 15 November.

New address: Vozdvizhenka 4/7 building 1, floor 7, hall 7100


Dear Toastmasters and Guests!

Moscow Free Speakers Club in cooperation with Moscow Exchange is glad to invite you to the masterclass of Natalia Tokar! Topic is “Spontaneous conversations in business and life”.

Time: 31 October, 19.00-21.00

Place: Moscow Exchange office, 13 Bolshoy Kislovsky per., floor 3, hall 0314

For more information watch this video: https://youtu.be/s3XLahUcu_g

Master-Class will be held on English and will bring lights on how to develop fluency in your business conversations, how to better handle interruptions during serious presentation and answer unexpected or strange questions which are especially challenging when you need to react spontaneously on your non-native language.

Registration through this form is required! Only registered guests are allowed to get in and number of places is limited! So hurry up!

It is necessary to take your passport in order to get into the building.
We encourage you to come in advance for registration, doors open at 18.30. Don’t forget to take a notebook and pen for your thoughts and insights.

Natalia is a renowned public speaker and coach. She builds communication bridges between Russian professionals and their foreign partners, clients, and colleagues. Natalia helps both businesses – expand to foreign markets, and people – make the right steps towards a fulfilling international career. Natalia is the Founder of UpSkillMe and author of the first course in Russia “Public Speaking in a foreign language” for business people. Her clients are leading professionals from VTB24, Ikea, Ritter Sport, JLL, Universal Media, etc.

Don’t miss your chance to take part in this event!

We are happy to announce that on 31 October (Wednesday) we will have an additional special meeting, which will be held in a special place and will be devoted to public speaking master-class held by Natalya Tokar.

You can participate in defining the topic of master-class! To express your interests fill the questionnaire by 12th October!

Natalia is a renowned public speaker and coach. She’s known for building communication bridges between Russian professionals and their foreign partners, clients, and colleagues. Natalia helps both businesses – expand to foreign markets, and people – make the right steps towards a fulfilling international career. Natalia is the Founder of UpSkillMe and author of the first course in Russia “Public Speaking in a foreign language” for business people. Her clients are leading professionals from VTB24, Ikea, Ritter Sport, JLL, Universal Media, etc.

REGISTRATION LINK: winter-conference-2018.ru

Save the dates December 8-9th from now, because this is when our 15th Annual International Winter Conference will be taking place that you just can’t miss out! This is a special event for all Toastmasters clubs in Russia, preparation for which starts long in advance. No wonders there, since this is when contestants from all Russian clubs get the chance to become the winners of Area Winter Conference 2018, and they are going to fight for it (in friendly ways, of course).

This year we will have four contests where the best of Toastmasters will be competing. Here are the contests planned for December, 8-9th:
1. Area Humouros Speech Contest (ENG)
2. Area Table Topics Contest (ENG)
3. International Speech Contest (ENG)
4. Russian Speech Contest (RU)

If you’re a member of a Russian club, contact your VPE for more details on how to join the competition. If you’re coming from outside of Russia, you’re invited to participate in the international contest. Contact us for more details: i.winterconference2018@gmail.com

Besides learning from performances of the best speakers on stage, you’ll find our Winter Conference to be a perfect opportunity for learning new things from experienced Russian and European Toastmasters who will prepared multiple workshops for you.

Finally, you will get a lot of informal opportunities (over yummy nibbles and drinks) to get to know wonderful likeminded people from clubs in Moscow and abroad. And if you’re the exceptionally talkative one, don’t miss the after party 😉

For our guests visiting us from outside of Moscow, we’ve prepared a variety of activities to show you our city in all it beauty.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN at winter-conference-2018.ru

The exact location and the program will follow.

Dear Toastmasters and Guests!

Inviting you to Humorous Speech Contest where Moscow Free Speakers Club members will present their mastery in public speaking with humor!

If you are MFSC member, sign-up for participation writing an email to Vice President Education! Don’t miss this chance because:

  1. Adding humor in your speech boosts your public speaking skills to a new level!
  2. Winner will have a chance to present his speech to wider audience competing with strongest speakers from other Moscow Area clubs on Winter Conference on 8-9 December!
  3. Winners will get nice presents!


If you are not member yet, welcome to attend the meeting and watch the show! Our educational path is always full of fun and Humorous Speech Contest we expect to see highest concentration of it!

See you on 11 October in room Б-1034, doors open at 19.00, meeting starts at 19.15

Still wondering, what Toastmasters is all about? – watch this video


Dear Toastmasters and guests,

The MFSC is introducing the new procedure for meeting registration. From the meeting  of 30 August and on, all visitors (guests, MFSC and other club members) should notify the club about their participation by filling the registration form at least 1 day in advance before each meeting.

This is important because we send all our visitors names to Gorniy Institute Security so they can let you in!

Please let us know that you are coming, it won’t take much time!

Looking forward to see you on our meetings!

Dear Moscow Free Speakers Club Members and Guests!

This July the new Toastmaster year has started and we are thrilled to present to you the new committee that will be helping you to improve your public speaking and leadership skills and advance your English mastery.

Meet (from left to right):

Vice-President Membership Elena Mironova (let her know if you want to become a member!),

Vice-President Public Relations Olga Yatsyk (she makes us public online),

President Anna Kondrateva (she is responsible for the club),

Sergeant-at-Arms Nick Sapozhnikov (he’s been a member of our club since it’s beginning!),

Vice-President Holly Marshburn (let her know if you want to make a speech) and, finally,

in a star-shaped figure – our Secretary Olesya Timerbulatova (ask her if you want to have a minor role!).


This new team will be organizing the club meetings for the following year, making sure that everything goes smoothly and that all the members and guests have opportunity to advance their communication and leadership skills. However, we need your help to do that. Currently we are looking for volunteers to fill two roles: Assistant Secretary and Assistant VP Public Relations. If you’re interested or you think you could help us with some minor tasks – let our President know via president@moscowfreespeakers.ru. And remember that your participation is most important – be it in the form of prepared speeches, or table topics discussions, or giving evaluation.

We hope to see you at our meetings  and wish you an interesting and productive toastmaster year!