Dear Toastmasters and guests, due to the current COVID situation we are moving online! For our meetings we will use the Zoom platform. We’ll post the links to the meetings here on our website and in social media. Should you have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to contact our club officers.

Below you can find some information that will help you prepare for the upcoming sessions.

Software and Hardware HOW-TO

  • We chose Zoom as the platform for online conferences.
  • To join the conference, you will need an invitation:
    • Club members and guests will receive it in a mail. It’s also available on our social media.
    • Newcomers can also contact club officers via mail or Facebook for invitation.
  • After receiving the invitation you will be able to join the meeting via
    • Your browser.
    • Zoom application installed on your PC.
    • Zoom application installed on your smartphone.
  • If you never used Zoom before, you can find video HOW-TO here:

Official videos from Zoom can be also helpful.

To participate in the meeting, you might need a speaker or headset. If you are joining from noisy place, it is better to use your headset.

Video is nice to have but not required. However, we encourage everybody to use video:

  • Speakers will be able to practice public speaking skills and get thorough feedback.
  • Speakers will be able to get immediate response form audience.


 Do’s and don’ts of video conferencing

Internet is full of articles about participating in video conferences. This article provide short overview.
General rules are simple:

  • Join the meeting in advance: in case of technical obstacles you will give yourself time to resolve it.
  • Prepare yourself and your space, minimize background noise, use headset if needed.
  • Mute yourself when you are not speaking.
  • Let the Toastmaster know when you want to speak.


Hope, this article will help you prepare for online meeting at Moscow Free Speakers and practice public speaking skills in online space!
In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact club officers.

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