Moscow Area Winter Conference is an annual event when the members and guests of all Toastmasters clubs in Moscow come together to share experience, express themselves, communicate, and get to know each other better. By doing so, they build bridges between people.


The THEME of the conference this time is BRIDGES.
Suggested by Anna Kondrateva, CC from the Moscow Free Speakers club.
“Each person is like an island. As we learn how to communicate more effectively, how to better express our thoughts, and how to listen more attentively, we build bridges between islands. Bridges can be different: firm and sound, makeshift and light, simple and ornate. Some bridges are really solid and durable. They take time and effort to build, but they are worth it!
By making speeches we build bridges.
What kind of bridge will you build?”

Best speakers, who have qualified in their own clubs, competed to become best of the best in the whole Moscow Area. Congratulations to all the winners!

3rd place – Charles Paris, CC, Златоуст Мастерс
2nd place – Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB, Toastbusters Moscow
1st place – Sergey Saprykin, CC, WorldSurfers

3rd place – Charles Paris, CC, Autour du Mot
2nd place – Sergey Saprykin, CC, WorldSurfers
1st place – Michail Pokutny, CC, Toastbusters Moscow

3rd place – Yury Shchelkanov, Toastmasters International Saint-Petersburg
2nd place – Irina Suvorova, Златоуст Мастерс
1st place – Sergey Shepilov, ACG, Redefluss Moskau

We have also had two workshops where everyone was able to participate:

“The French Way” by Olga Bazhenova and Charles Paris

“УФХЦЧ Продвинутого Оратора” by Sergey Shchepilov.

The members of our club actively participated, and some of them (Sergey Balmashov) helped with organization of the Toastmasters Winter Conference together with the other 5 TM clubs of Moscow and the Moscow Area committee (Zlatoust Masters, WorldSurfers etc.)! Well done everyone! 

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