Word Master and Grammarian

This role combines two aspects: Word Master and Grammarian

Time: 1-2 minutes at the beginning and 3-4 minutes for final report

Word Master:

Make us learn!

Present the membership with the opportunity to learn a new word and use it in their daily conversation.


The word will be a word that will help the membership increase their vocabulary, a word that will be easily incorporated into everyday conversation, but different from the way they usually express themselves.

Before the meeting, as Word Master, you need to select a “Word of the Day”. This word can be related to the theme for the meeting; however, this is not mandatory.

Prepare a sentence as an example of how to use the word including idioms and other interesting examples. Prepare a brief but thorough summary of your role as Word Master which explains your role in the program to visiting guests.

As you arrive at the meeting

In letters large enough to be seen from the back of the room, write the word on the blackboard. If you are participating online, write the word of the day, its meaning and example of usage in the common chat.

You’ll be provided with a special form for registering word usage: Word Master Tally Sheet. Give (send) it to the Club Secretary after the meeting.

During the meeting

When called upon you by the Toastmaster, stand at your seat and briefly state the purpose of the “Word of the Day” for those guests present and then give word for the day with its additional information. Remind all the members and guests to use this word during the meeting as often as they can.

Keep a list and count the members who use the word of the day or a variation of the word, and how many times they were able to include it into their speaking role during the meeting. This includes speakers, evaluators, table topics speakers, etc. Be prepared to present your report near the end of the meeting at General Evaluator’s request.



Before the Meeting

Being grammarian  provides an exercise in expanding listening skills and helping people improve their grammar and word use. You have several responsibilities: to introduce new words to members, to comment on language usage during the course of the meeting, and to provide examples of eloquence.

At the Meeting

At the meeting you’ll be provided with a special form for registering word usage: Grammarian Tally Sheet. Give it to the Club Secretary after the meeting.

When introduced

Briefly explain the role of the Grammarian.

Throughout the meeting, listen to everyone’s word usage. Write down any awkward use or misuse of the language (incomplete sentences, sentences that change direction in midstream, incorrect grammar or malapropisms) with a note of who erred. For example, point out if someone used a singular verb with a plural subject. “One in five children wear glasses” should be “one in five children wears glasses.” Note when a pronoun is misused. “No one in the choir sings better than her” should be “No one in the choir sings better than she.”

When called on by the general evaluator during the evaluation segment:

  • Stand up and give your report.
  • Try to offer the correct usage in every instance of misuse (instead of merely announcing that something was wrong).
  • Report on creative language usage and announce who used the word of the day (or a derivative of it) correctly or incorrectly.