Dear fellow Toastmasters and Guests!

Thank you for visiting our meeting #671 and here is the report.

That was our last meeting in the year 2016-2017 so it was time of rewording of members’ achievements, President’s report about the results of the year and new executive committee elections for 2017-2018. Moreover, this meeting was very special thanks to our guests from Dubai club and that we have even two people who completed all Competent Communicator manual projects!

Here are our newcomers:

Ermek Toktogulov was the host of the meeting

Anna Kondrateva delivered her project #8 revealing some success secrets:

Valery Ershkov delivered his project #10 inspiring us to never give up. Congratulations, Valery, with completion of Competent Communicator manual!

Olga Makarova delivered her project #10. Thanks to her speech we know how to inspire the team. Congratulations, Olga, with CC manual completion! Keep going!

It was time to look back and reward achievements and we have winners in 3 nominations: Officer of the Year, Discovery of the Year and Progress of the Year.

Progress of the Year – Valery Ershkov! Congratulations! 10 projects within one year! Impressive progress!

Discovery of the Year – Anna Kondrateva. She joined the club in July’16, delivered 8 projects, won prizes on contests and joined Executive Committee. Congratulations!

Officer of the Year – Sergey Balmashov. Thank you, Sergey for your hard work and dedication! Our club was very lucky to have you as Secretary!

This time table topics session was replaced by elections of new Executive Committee. Moscow Area Director Sergey Saprykin was Elections Chairman and here are Executive Committee 2017-2018 members:

President – Sergey Balmashov
Vice President Education – Margarita Ryndina
Vice President Public Relations – Dilara Imaeva
Vice President Membership – Tatiana Shchelochkova
Secretary – Anna Kondrateva
Congratulate the team with their new roles and wish them good luck!

And big thank you to Excecutive Committee 2016-2017:

President – Max Kostyuk

Vice President Education – Margarita Ryndina
Vice President Public Relations –  Anna Kondrateva
Vice President Membership – Ksenia Raznosilina
Secretary – Sergey Balmashov
Sergeant at Arms – Nick Sapozhnikov

Also we were very glad that our fellow-toastmasters from Dubai club visited our meeting. We had a chance to take an interview from Dharmajan Patteri and soon we will share it.

You can find all the speeches on our youtube channel:

Project #8: Anna Kondrateva

Project #10: Valery Ershkov

Project #10: Olga Makarova


And finally the points of the meeting: 



Maria Kalinkina


Joke Master

Vera Tolcheeva


Speaker 1

Valery Ershkov


Speaker 2

Anna Kondrateva


Speaker 3

Olga Makarova



Ermek Toktogulov


Evaluator 1

Natalia Sherstneva


Evaluator 2

Olga Bazhenova


Evaluator 3

Margarita Ryndina


Word of the day + Grammarian

Andrey Kolyadenko



Ilya Sharov



Anna Lioznova


General Evaluator

Ksenia Raznosilina


Meeting as a whole



Best regards,

MFSC team

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