Meeting #621 on 2th July

Hello, everybody!
Here is a short glance on our last meeting.
We welcomed five newcomers: Ilya, Ekaterina, Nika, Karl-Ernst, Leo

The first speaker was Albert Khorev with his first project "Nothing is
Impossible". Congratulations!

You can see his speech on our youtube channel.

The second speech was delivered by Thomas Hulbert.
The project #6 "Three people who inspired me". Thomas has demonstrated
an explicit usage of vocal variety!

His speech you can find also on our channel.

And in conclusion of prepared speeches Andrey Kosilov delivered to us a
story about the power of attitude.

You can feel this power on our channel.

Besides our icebreaker we have another two persons with their debuts
in their roles – Alex Konoplin as Toastmaster and YuriyKochetkov as
Table topic master.

And finally the points of the meeting:

Toastmaster Alex Konoplin 3.8
Speaker 1 Albert Khorev 4.1
Speaker 2 Thomas Hulbert 4.7
Speaker 3 Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.8
Invocation Margarita Ryndina 4.3
Word of the Day Anna Paskannaya 4.3
Joke Master Ruslan Koiv 4.5
General Evaluator Alla Oganova 4.2
Evaluator 1 Ekaterina Mikhaylova 4.2
Evaluator 2 Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB 4.2
Evaluator 3 Larisa Zorina, DTM 4.3
Table Topic Yuriy Kochetkov 3.7
Meeting as a whole   4.3


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