We welcomed two newcomers at meeting #620: Marina of Channel 1 and Alexey of NetCracker.

Denis Shevchuk, ACS, ALB, was the Toastmaster:

As usual this year, we’ve had four speakers, one of whom was an Ice Breaker!

  1. Irina Shkundina presented her Ice Breaker, “Follow a Dream”
  2. Ilya Nefedov tried his hand at delivering the tenth CC project, “A Step”
  3. Irina Chernyaga, CC, attempted the third project from Storytelling manual, “A Walk”
  4. Nick Sapozhnikov, ACB presented a toast in honor of MFSC’s 25th anniversary, the first project from Special Occasion Speeches manual

Executive committee elections took place; welcome the new club officers!

  • President and Treasurer: Ilya Nefedov
  • VPE: Olga Kovtyukh
  • VPM: Irina Shkundina
  • VPPR: Yury Kochetkov
  • Secretary: Natalya Zakharova
  • With Nick Sapozhnikov remaining our Sergeant-at-Arms 🙂

The points for the meeting can be found below:

Toastmaster Denis Shevchuk, ACS, ALB 4.3
General Evaluator Ermek Toktogulov 3.4
Speaker 1 Irina Shkundina 4.5
Speaker 2 Ilya Nefedov 4.2
Speaker 3 Irina Chernyaga, CC 3.1
Speaker 4 Nick Sapozhnikov, ACB 4.1
Invocation Ann-Mary Belova 4.0
Word of the Day Daniil Maslyuk 3.9
Joke of the Day Irene Shashkova 3.9
Evaluator 1 Catherine Mikhailova 4.7
Evaluator 2 Olga Kovtukh 4.9
Evaluator 3 Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.9
Evaluator 4 Inessa Goldovskaya, ACB 4.4
Table Topics Master Taisia Filippova 4.7
Meeting as a whole Everyone! 4.3

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