On 20 November 2014, there were three speeches:

  1. Ermek Toktogulov’s project 6 from CC manual
  2. Irina Chernyaga’s Speech to Inform
  3. Andrey Kosilov’s project 2 from Professional speaker manual

Both Natalia Zakharova and Alexander Kanunnikov received the Ice Breaker ribbons to commemorate their joining our club!

Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB received “Best Table Topics” ribbon!

The points for the meeting can be found below:

Toastmaster Natalya Lapitskaya, ACB 3.4
General Evaluator Margarita Ryndina, ACS, CL 3.4
Speaker 1 Ermek Toktogulov 3.6
Speaker 2 Irina Chernyaga, CC 3.3
Speaker 3 Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.8
Thought of the Day Alla Oganova, ACB 4.5
Word of the Day Jane Kakzanova 3.8
Joke of the Day Natalya Zakharova 4.0
Evaluator 1 Mikhail Petrov, CC 4.2
Evaluator 2 Denis Schevchuk, ACB, ALB 4.5
Table Topics Inessa Goldovskaya, CC 4.3

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