Dear Moscow Free Speakers Club Members and Guests!

This July the new Toastmaster year has started and we are thrilled to present to you the new committee that will be helping you to improve your public speaking and leadership skills and advance your English mastery.

Meet (from left to right):

Vice-President Membership Elena Mironova (let her know if you want to become a member!),

Vice-President Public Relations Olga Yatsyk (she makes us public online),

President Anna Kondrateva (she is responsible for the club),

Sergeant-at-Arms Nick Sapozhnikov (he’s been a member of our club since it’s beginning!),

Vice-President Holly Marshburn (let her know if you want to make a speech) and, finally,

in a star-shaped figure – our Secretary Olesya Timerbulatova (ask her if you want to have a minor role!).


This new team will be organizing the club meetings for the following year, making sure that everything goes smoothly and that all the members and guests have opportunity to advance their communication and leadership skills. However, we need your help to do that. Currently we are looking for volunteers to fill two roles: Assistant Secretary and Assistant VP Public Relations. If you’re interested or you think you could help us with some minor tasks – let our President know via And remember that your participation is most important – be it in the form of prepared speeches, or table topics discussions, or giving evaluation.

We hope to see you at our meetings  and wish you an interesting and productive toastmaster year!

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