Club program

Like Toastmasters all over the world, we follow an educational program called Pathways.

Currently, there are 11 paths aimed at developing over 300 key public speaking and leadership competencies. Each path consists of 5 levels each having 2-3 projects. Some projects are the same across all paths, others differ according to the key skills being developed in that path. Each project usually culminates in a 5-7 minutes speech.

Levels and Project Types 

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5
Mastering Fundamentals Learning Your Style Increasing Knowledge Building Skills Demonstrating Expertise

“Evaluation and Feedback”

“Researching and Presenting”

2 required projects (min 1 “Learning your style”)

“Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring”

1 required project

2 elective projects

serve as TM, TTM and GM

1 required project

1 elective project

1 required project

1 elective project

“Reflect on your path”