Club Bylaws

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This document states the rules of Moscow Free Speakers Club (MFSC).

  1. Become a member
  2. Follow an educational path
  3. Make donations


  1. Become a member

Prerequisites for becoming a member:

  • must be at least 18 years of age;
  • agree to comply with the TI Constitution and by-laws of the Moscow Free Speakers;
  • have a good command of English language to be able to express yourself in public;
  • be ready to speak in English before an audience of 30 to 40 people.


Actions required to become a member:

  • Complete 3 minor roles (any of the following roles: a Ah-Counter, a Grammarian/Word Master, a Timer, a Joke Master, an Encouragement Note, a Cake Master), Cake Master counts as 2 minor roles,
  • Pay the membership fee to a Vice President Membership (VPM),
  • Get access to Pathways online platform,
  • Schedule the date for a first prepared speech (Ice-Breaker) with a Vice President Education (VPE)


  1. Follow an educational path.

To have the right to deliver each prepared speech after the Ice-Breaker, a MFSC or other TM club member should complete following roles:

  • One role from the following list: a Table Topics Master, a Toastmaster, a Personal Evaluator, a General Evaluator, Cake-Master, OR
  • Two minor roles from the following list: an Ah-Counter, a Grammarian/Word Master, Timer, a Joke Master, an Encouragement Note, OR
  • Be a club officer;


ATTENTION! Share project details: Pathways name, Project Number, Project Title and Personal Evaluator’s name with VPE not later than 3 days before the speech


  1. Make donations

Members and guests pay a donation of 100 rubles per person per meeting to compensate expenses for a tea-break, awards, rental expenses, etc.