31st of May 2021 combined meeting agenda: Summer time

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19:20 Meeting opens for chat
19:30 President opens the meeting  Olga Yatsyk, PM, DL3
19:35 Toastmaster introduces the experts and speakers  Valeria Kholodkova, DTM, DL4
 Ah-Counter  Alexandra Serebrova
 Grammarian  Hyunjun Suh
 Timer  Liza  Ilyushenko
 19:45  Speaker 1  Ruslan K
 Speaker 2  Denis Shishkin, PM1 
 20:00  Break
 20:10 Table Topics Session   Yury Maximov,  IP2  
 20:35  General Evaluator takes over  Eugene Bykov     
Evaluator 1  Sergey Balmashov
Evaluator 2  Olga Yatsyk, PM, DL3
 21:00  President closes the meeting  Olga Yatsyk, PM, DL3

 Speaker 1, Ruslan K.

 Speech title Earth is not getting any bigger
 Project L1P2: Evaluation and Feedback      5-7 min

The purpose of this project is to present a speech on any topic, receive
feedback, and apply the feedback to a second speech.

Speaker 2, Denis Shiskin, PM1

 Speech title My communication style. 
 Project L2P1: Understanding your communication style       5-7 min

The purpose of this project is to learn about different communication
styles and identify your primary style.


Speaker 2,


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