19 July 2018 meeting agenda

19:00 Doors open, free chat and snacks
19:15 President opens the meeting Anna Kondrateva
19:20 Encouragement Note Galina Repina
19:25 Toastmaster takes over, introducing: Dilara Imaeva
Joke Master Vladimir Danilenko
Ah-Counter Vladimir Yashenkov
Word Master and Grammarian Evgenia Pak
Timer Svetlana Litavrina
19:40 Toastmaster introduces speakers:
Speaker 1 Ivan Shilyaev
– Speaker 2 Lidia Gulyaeva
– Speaker 3 Ilya Sharov
20:00 Tea break, courtesy of Cake Master Vladimir Danilenko
20:10 – Speaker 4 (discussion) Anna Lioznova, CC
20:40 General Evaluator takes over, introducing: Alexey Lobzov, CC, CL
Evaluator 1 Serge Balmashov
– Evaluator 2 Natalia Sherstneva, ACS
– Evaluator 3 Alexandra Yakubovich
– Evaluator 4 Margarita Ryndina, ACG, ALB
20:55 General Evaluator calls for reports
21:05 President closes the meeting

Speaker 1, Ivan Shilyaev

Title “Slow down faster”
Manual Pathways
Project 3
Time limit 4–6 min

  • To begin speaking before an audience
  • To discover speaking skills you already have and skills that need some attention
  • To introduce yourself to your fellow club members


Evaluator Serge Balmashov

Speaker 2, Lidia Gulyaeva

Title “What you really need to have a body you deserve”
Manual Competent Communication
Project 3: Get to the Point
Time limit 5–7 min

  • Organize the speech in a manner that best achieves those purposes.
  • Ensure the beginning, body, and conclusion reinforce the purpose.
  • Project sincerity and conviction and control any nervousness you may feel.
  • Strive not to use notes.


Evaluator Natalia Sherstneva

Speaker 3, Ilya Sharov

Title “Weekend”
Manual Competent Communication
Project 6: Vocal Variety
Time limit 5–7 min

  • Use voice volume, pitch, rate, and quality to reflect and add meaning and interest to your message
  • Use pauses to enhance your message
  • Use vocal variety smoothly and naturally


Evaluator ​Alexandra Yakubovich

Speaker 4, Anna Lioznova, CC

Title “The pros and cons of Toastmasters education pipeline. What is working well and what can be improved?”
Time limit 30 min
Evaluator Margarita Ryndina, ACG, ALB
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