1st of March 2021 meeting agenda ” “

19:20 Zoom opens for chat
19:30 President opens the meeting Olga Yatsyk, PM, DL2
 19:35  Toastmaster takes over, introducing:
 – Ah-Counter Bruce Laing  Tatyana Gracheva
 – Grammarian Akram Salam
 – Timer Humberto Vela, DTM
19:55 Toastmaster introduces speakers:
– Speaker 1 Denis Shishkin
– Speaker 2 Heikki Sitanen, DTM
– Speaker 3 Olga Yatsyk, PM, DL2
20:05 Table Topics Master takes over Olga Yatsyk, PM, DL2
20:35 General Evaluator takes over, introducing:  Bruce Laing
– Evaluator 1 Yura Maximov
– Evaluator 2 Anton Coetzee
– Evaluator 3 Travis Bailey
20:45 General Evaluator calls for reports   
21:00 President closes the meeting Olga Yatsyk

Speaker 1, Denis Shishkin

Title Travelling
Project Level 1 elective: Evaluation and feedback (2)


Pathway Presentation Mastery
Evaluator  Yura Maximov

Speaker 2, Heikki Sitanen, DTM1

Title Measure it, don’t guess it!
Project L2 Using Descriptive language
Pathway Dynamic Leadership
Evaluator Anton Coetzee

Speaker 3, Olga Yatsyk, PM, DL2

 Title My dating experience
 Project L3 Elective Knowing your sense of humour                    5-7 min


 Pathway  Dynamic Leadership
 Travis Bailey

Speaker 4,


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