8 July 2019 meeting agenda

19:00 Doors open, free chat and snacks
19:15 President opens the meeting Holly Marshburn
19:20 Encouragement Note sign up!
19:25 Toastmaster takes over, introducing: Alex Strilchuk
Joke Master sign up!
Ah-Counter Irina Frolova
Word Master and Grammarian sign up!
Timer Alina Loginova
19:40 Toastmaster introduces speakers:
Speaker 1 Anna Akorova
– Speaker 2 Vladimir Danilenko, LD1
– Speaker 3 sign up!
– Speaker 4 sign up!
20:10 Tea break, courtesy of Cake Master Elena Efimova
20:20 Table Topics Master takes over Vladimir Danilenko, LD1
20:40 General Evaluator takes over, introducing: sign up!
Evaluator 1 Olga Yatsyk, PM1
– Evaluator 2 Olga Yatsyk, PM1
– Evaluator 3 sign up!
– Evaluator 4 sign up!
20:55 General Evaluator calls for reports
21:05 President closes the meeting

Speaker 1, Anna Akorova

Title TBA
Evaluator Olga Yatsyk, PM1

Speaker 2, Vladimir Danilenko, LD1

Title TBA
Evaluator Olga Yatsyk, PM1

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