5th of April 2021 meeting agenda “Mastering humour”

19:20 Zoom opens for chat
19:30 President opens the meeting Olga Yatsyk, PM, DL2
 19:35  Toastmaster takes over, introducing: Eugene Bykov
 – Ah-Counter Valeria Kholodkova, DTM, DL4
 – Grammarian Bruce Laing
 – Timer Stan See
19:50 Toastmaster introduces speakers:
– Speaker 1 Hyungjun Suh, ACS, CL
– Speaker 2 Ruslan K
– Speaker 3 Yury Maximov, IP2
20:10 Break
 20:20  Table Topics Session Olga Yatsyk, PM, DL2
 20:40 General Evaluator takes over, introducing:   Maria Kalinkina, CC, CL
– Evaluator 1  Danil Filonov
– Evaluator 2  Anton Coetzee
– Evaluator 3
20:50 General Evaluator calls for reports Maria Kalinkina, CC, CL
21:00 President closes the meeting Olga Yatsyk, PM, DL2

Speaker 1, Hyungjun Suh, ACS, CL

Title About myself
Project L1P1: Ice-breaker                 4-6 min

The purpose of this project is for the member to introduce himself or herself to the club and learn the basic
structure of a public speech.

Pathway  –
Evaluator  Danil Filonov

Speaker 2, Ruslan K.

Title  Earth is not getting any bigger
Project  L1 P2(1): Evaluation and Feedback             5-7 min

The purpose of this project is to present a speech, receive feedback and then present this (or another) speech again, incorporating the feedback.

Pathway  Dynamic Leadership
Evaluator  Anton Coetzee

Speaker 3,  Yury Maximov

 Title  Stay warm! Or should you?
Project L3   5-7 min


 Pathway  Innovative Planning

Speaker 4,


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