Meeting #647 on 7th of July

Dear fellow Toastmasters and Guests!
We are glad to remind you our last meeting – the first meeting in the Toastmasters Year with the new EC!

The first speaker
Ekaterina Mikhaylova told us about her experience teaching English to Vietnamese children and that things could be different in reality and in the internet with her inspiring Project #7 entitled "Some Data":

The second speaker, Anastasia Prisyazhnaya  with her Project #7 entitled "Where the Grass Is Really Greener" compared the quality of life in US and Canada:  

The Table Topic session has an unusual format. It gave all the participants a great chance to switch on imagination and asked each other any questions that came to their mind. The TT winner was Sergey Balmashov.

All speeches you can find on our  youtube channel:
Ekaterina Mikhaylova
Anastasia Prisyazhnaya

And finally the points of the meeting:

Invocation Olga Bazhenova 4.5
Joke Master Margarita Ryndina, ACS, ALB 4.6
Speaker 1 Ekaterina Mikhaylova 4.2
Speaker 2 Anastasia Prisyazhnaya 4.4
Toastmaster Ilya Nefedov, CC 5.0
Table Topics Master Ksenia Titorenko 4.4
Evaluator 1 Anna Lvovskaya 4.6
Evaluator 2 Ksenia Raznosilina 4.3
Word of the day + Grammarian Alex Davidyuk 4.5
Ah-Counter Bukhalkina Anna 4.2
Timer Aleksey Malakhov 4.6
General Evaluator Ermek Toktogulov 3.7
Meeting as a whole   4.6

Best regards,
MFSC team

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