"Programming" meeting #625 on 20th August

Dear fellows toastmasters and guests!
We are glad to remind you our last meeting.
This time we welcomed an unprecedented number of newcomers.
Try to count them all!

The prepared part of our meeting we can call ‘Tree beauties’.
The first beauty was Daria Elistratova with her ice-breaker
"Everything you wanted to know about me but were afraid to ask".
Our congratulations!

The second beaty was Ekaterina Mikhailova.
Her project #5 "GUESs where the light comes from" shed a bright light
on us.

And the third beauty was Olga Kovtyukh with a history of difficult life
of lefties.
How cruel the world of right-handers!

Also we remember the brave table topic winner living on the north pole
and one of the sexiest ah-counter in the world!

All speeches you can find on our  youtube channel:
Daria Elistratova
Ekaterina Mikhailova
Olga Kovtyukh

And finally the points of the meeting:

Toastmaster Sergey Saprykin 4.6
Speaker 1 Daria Elistratova 4.5
Speaker 2 Ekaterina Mikhailova 4
Speaker 3 Olga Kovtyukh 4.8
Word of the Day Ilya Nefedov 4.8
Joke Master Victoriya Klyueva 4.4
General Evaluator Rahim Saatov 4.3
Evaluator 1 Andrey Kosilov, CC 4.8
Evaluator 2 Taisia Filippova 4.6
Evaluator 3 Olga Dubovitskaya, CC 4.6
Table Topic Yana Litvinova, CL 4.6
Meeting as a whole 4.6

Best regards,
MFSC team


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