“Traveling” meeting #624 on 6th August

Dear participants of our recent meeting!
Let us remind you how it was.
We welcomed two cute newcomers: Anastasiya and Evgeniya.

The first speaker was Mikhail Pokutny with his forth project "Simply
South-African Stories". We all remember bubbles in the throat!

The second speech was delivered by Sergey Saprykin.
His project #9 "On the Nature of the Unnatural" was very profound.

And the third speaker Olga Makarova immersed us in the world of ballet.
Her fifth project 'Development of the Image of a Swan in Ballet' was
full of beauty.

We congratulated table topic winner Thomas Hulbert and Olga Makarova
who reached the equator in CC manual track.


And finally the points of the meeting:

Toastmaster Anna Ponomarena 4
Speaker 1 Mikhail Pokutny 4.8
Speaker 2 Olga Makarova 4.5
Speaker 3 Sergey Saprykin 4.8
Invocation Max Kostyuk 4.4
Word of the Day Daria Elistratova 4.1
Joke Master Jane Kakzanova 5
General Evaluator Olga Kovtyukh 4.9
Evaluator 1 Denis Shevchuk, ACB, ALB 4.6
Evaluator 2 Margarita Ryndina 4.8
Evaluator 3 Thomas Hulbert 4.8
Table Topic Ilya Nefedov 4.5
Meeting as a whole   4.2

Best regards,
MFSC team


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